frank zappa

unmitigated audacity

1983 lp-bootleg   d-549

1974/05/12 concert 'notre dame university', south bend, indiana, usa
frank zappa, george duke, tom fowler, bruce fowler, ralph humphrey, chester thompson, jeff simmons, don preston and napoleon murphy brock

side one

  1. dupree's paradise

  2. it can't happen here

  3. hungry freaks, daddy

  4. you're probably wondering why i'm here

  5. how could i be such a fool?

  6. i ain't got no heart

  7. i'm not satisfied

  8. wowie zowie

  9. let's make the water turn black

  10. harry, you're a beast

side two

  1. oh no

  2. son of orange county

  3. more trouble every day

  4. louie, louie

  5. camarillo brillo