frank zappa
cdr & dvdr bootlegs

The following albums are home-produced CDR's. They are called CDR bootlegs because they are sold for money. They are not to be confused with CDR recordings that are circulating in the trade circuit (without the exchange of money).
Sometimes it's very hard to tell the difference between a bootleg CDR and a factory pressed CD. The fact that some of these bootleg CDR's were / are available through the bootleg circuit only adds to the confusion.

This is a never-ending story, as everyone can produce one of these at home. I'm just adding a few of the 'better known' titles.

  frank zappa: cosmik evolution

lzcd_007_8_c.jpg (137378 bytes)

  frank zappa: parco redecesio, milan, july 6, 1982 cd1  
  frank zappa: parco redecesio, milan, july 6, 1982 cd2  
  frank zappa: trance fusion  


rxz records

  • frank zappa & the mothers of invention: history & collected improvisations of fz & the moi
        (19??, 10cdr-box, italy, rxz 301a - 310a) - incl. booklet & photo inserts
  • frank zappa: norwegian rhapsody
        (19??, 2cdr, italy, rxz 311a-312a)
  • frank zappa: 20 years of frank zappa
        (19??, 12cdr-box, italy, rxz 313a-324a) - incl. two booklets
  • frank zappa: the untouchables
        (19??, 2cdr, italy, rxz 325a-326a)
  • frank zappa: the godfather in full metal jacket
        (19??, 2cdr, italy, rxz 327a-328a)
  • frank zappa: the godfather meets the untouchables
        (19??, 3cdr, italy, rxz 329a-331a)
  • frank zappa: broadway the hard way in usa
        (19??, 6cdr-box, italy, rxz 332a-337a) - incl. inserts & booklet
  • frank zappa: broadway the hard way in europe
        (19??, 6cdr-box, italy, rxz 338a-343a) - incl. inserts & booklet
  • frank zappa: bongo fury tour
        (19??, 2cdr, italy, rxz 344a-345a)


kaktus records  (picture by Elvis Zappa)


"bonus" discs

Some of the following discs were used as bonus discs for existing titles, making a special edition of the existing release.  Others were released seperately and used as appetizers for existing releases.



russian dvdr bootlegs