the cover
the picture disc - side one
the picture disc - side two

frank zappa

joe's corsage

2010 picture disc bootleg ?? ??

counterfeit vinyl bootleg with tracks of the "joe's corsage" album.

limited edition of 250 copies

it got released on black vinyl, multi-coloured vinyl, and as a picture disc

picture disc release

side one: tracks 2 - 5: 1965 mothers demos
side one: tracks 6 - 8: 1964 or 1965 live recording
side two: tracks 1 - 3: pre-"freak out" demos
side two: tracks 4 - 6: alternate mixes

frank zappa: guitar, vocals
ray collins: lead vocals, tambourine, harmonica
roy estrada: bass, vocals
henry vestine: guitar (side one: 2-5)
jimmy carl black: drums

side one

  1. "pretty pat"

  2. motherly love

  3. plastic people

  4. anyway the wind blows

  5. i ain't got no heart

  6. my babe incl. 'the phone call'

  7. wedding dress song / handsome cabin boy (traditional)

  8. hitch hike

side two

  1. i'm so happy i could cry

  2. go cry on somebody else's shoulder

  3. how could i be such a fool

  4. jelly roll gum drop (alternate mix - mono)

  5. stuff up the creacks (alternate mix - stereo)

  6. valerie (alternate mix - mono)