the cover
the picture disc - side one
the picture disc - side two

frank zappa

joe's xmasage

2010 picture disc-bootleg ?? ??

counterfeit vinyl bootleg with tracks of the "joe's xmasage" album.

limited edition of 250 copies

it got released on black vinyl, multi-coloured vinyl, and as a picture disc

picture disc vinyl release

frank zappa: voice, guitar, vocals
kay sherman: voice
ray collins: voice
al surratt: voice
mr.clean: vocals
floyd: vocals
les papp: drums
paul woods: bass
gene: guitar
bobby saldana: bass

vaultmeisterment & production: joe travers

side one

  1. mr. clean (alternate mix - mono)
  2. why don’tcha do me right? (nonthreatening mono)
  3. the muthers / power trio (cream - type format)
  4. the moon will never be the same (reel demo)
  5. gtr trio (acoustic session)

side two

  1. suckit rockit  (fz & r.collins session)
  2. mousie’s first xmas (reel demo)
  3. the uncle frankie show (on air for dspc)
  4. jelly roll gum drop (single version)
  5. no no no (long version)