frank zappa

the appleton album

1986 lp-bootleg ?? ??

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This import (non-u.s.) lp ws released in 1986. The cover states 200 limited copies were pressed & that the first 80 copies have a special gimmix cover. This lp was re-released in 1987 as "Days Of Yore" with a different deluxe black & white cover. Although this lp sounds better than the "Twenty Years Of Frank Zappa - Gas Mask" lp, there are still better sounding tapes that exist."

1969/05/23 concert 'university of wisconsin', appleton, usa

frank zappa, roy estrada, art tripp, motorhead sherwood, jc black, bunk gardner, don preston, ian underwood

side one

  1. improvisation
  2. a pound for a brown on the bus
  3. eye of agamato

side two

  1. my guitar
  2. some chanting
  3. dead air
  4. audience participation
  5. eric dolphy memorial barbecue