frank zappa

at loreley

???? lp-bootleg ?? dancing fool production

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This double import (non u.s.) lp set was released in 1985 & is half of the concert. The cover states only 200 copies were pressed. One lp is on clear vinyl & the other lp is on white vinyl. There were another 400 copies pressed in 1988: 200 on clear & white vinyls again with a deluxe black & white cover, & another 200 on gray/green & gray/black vinyls with a deluxe blue cover. The last two pressings are not numbered."

1984/09/09 concert 'freilichtbohr', loreley, germany

frank zappa, ray white, ike willis, scott thunes, chad wackerman, bobby martin, alan zavod

side one

  1. chunga's revenge & intro's

  2. city of tiny lites

  3. you are what you is

side two

  1. teenage wind

  2. truck driver divorce

  3. ride my face to chicago

  4. penguin in bondage

side three

  1. the green hotel

  2. i'm the slime

  3. sharleena

side four

  1. camarillo brillo

  2. the muffin man

  3. cosmik debris

  4. dancin' fool

  5. whipping post