frank zappa

a token of his extreme

1981 lp-bootleg usa mud shark mz3606

info from "The Mudshark Anthology" by R.C. / Hotwacks Quarterly n12
released januari 1981 - 2500 pressed
(2000 on black vinyl, 500 on green vinyl)

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
This LP was pressed in January 1981 from a pressing of 2,500 copies. There were 2,000 on black vinyl & 500 on green with deluxe green & black bogus labels."

1974/12/-- concert 'the kcet-tv studio, los angeles, calfornia, usa

f.zappat.fowlerc.thompson, r.underwoodn.m.brockg.duke  

side one

  1. dog breath

  2. florentine pogen

  3. oh no / son of orange county

  4. pygmy twylyte

side two

  1. more trouble every day

  2. stinkfoot

  3. inca roads

  4. honey don't you want a man like me

  5. pygmy twylyte

  6. a token of my extreme