frank zappa

at the olympic

1972 lp-bootleg ?? tmoq 746

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This is one first FZ undergrounds & is the first performance of the Hot Rats band. It was pressed in 1972 & may also be known as "Hot Rats At The Olympic". Re-released on TMOQ 71059 with a yellow slick bearing a photo of FZ, songs & band members. Re-released on TMOQ FZ 523 in 1973 or 1974 with a beige slick on the front & without labels. Copies with the same slick on jackets stamped "silver galaxie records" may have come out in the late 1970's using the same plates. This lp is also available as a double set with the "200 Motels" lp."

1970/03/07 concert 'olympic auditorium', los angeles, ca, usa

frank zappa, ian underwood, aynsley dunbar, sugarcane harris, max bennet

side one

  1. sharleena
  2. twinkle tits
  3. directly from my hart to you

side two

  1. chunga's revenge