frank zappa

at the olympic  -  200 motels

  lp-bootleg ?? tmoq 7506

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This re-release of the two single lps came out in the mid 1970's. Re-released on POD D-401. Re-released on K&S Records 020 in the late 1970's. Only 150 sets were pressed on green & orange vinlys.

[1]  1970/03/07 concert 'olympic auditorium', los angeles, ca, usa
frank zappa, ian underwood, aynsley dunbar, sugarcane harris, max bennet
[2]  1970/05/15 concert 'pauley pavillion', ucla, ca, usa
frank zappa, ray collins, ian underwood, billy mundi, don preston, jeff simmons, jim sherwood and aynsley dunbar, plus the los angeles philharmonic orchestra (conducted by zubin mehta)

side one

  1. sharleena  [1]
  2. twinkle tits  [1]
  3. directly from my hart to you  [1]

side two

  1. chunga's revenge  [1]

side three

  1. intro rap  [2]
  2. a pound for a brown on the bus  [2]
     holiday in berlin
     the duke of prunes
     penis dimension (early version)

side four

  1. a pound for a brown on the bus - cont.  [2]
     penis dimension (early version)
     inca roads chord pattern
     who needs the peace corps
     cruising for burgers
     eric dolphy memorial barbecue
     oh no