the album cover
one of the discs is on blue vinyl
the other disc is on yellow vinyl

frank zappa

bacon fat

2007 2lp-bootleg ?? the swingin' pig

limited edition of 300 numbered copies
on coloured vinyl: one blue disc, and one yellow disc

1969/02/23 concert 'rock-pile', toronto, canada

f.zappa, r.collinsr.estradaj.c. black, b.mundid.preston, bunk gardnerj.sherwood

side one

  1. intro
  2. bacon fat
  3. those lonely, lonely nights
  4. corrido-rock (intro)
  5. corrido rock
  6. the mothers blow

side two

  1. string quartet for 'uncle meat' in 7/8 - part I

side three

  1. string quartet for 'uncle meat' in 7/8 - part II
  2. wplj
  3. doo-wop shop hop
  4. all night long

side four

  1. those lonely, lonely nights
  2. three hours past midnight  (* = bonus track  /  johnny guitar watson)