frank zappa

big mother is watching you

1986 lp-bootleg ?? ministry of information records room 101

[1]  1984/09/01 concert saratoga springs, ny, usa
[2]  1984/07/22 concert los angeles, ca, usa
[3]  1984/08/12 concert cleveland, ohio, usa

frank zappa, ike willis, bobby martin, ray white, scott thunes, alan zavod and chad wackerman, feat. napoleon murphy brock as special guest on [2]

side one

  1. ride my face to chicago

  2. i'm the slime

  3. be in my video

  4. he's so gay

  5. cocksucker's ball

  6. wplj

  7. what's new in baltimore?

  8. hot plate heaven at the green hotel

side two

  1. carol you fool

  2. chana in the bushwop

  3. kreega bondola