frank zappa


bolzano 1982

1983 2lp-bootleg picture disc europe lunar toones p1-4

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This european double picture disc of 450 sets (not numbered) was released in 1983. The pics on the discs are the same as on the cover but are in color and are on all four sides. This is not an actual Lunar Toones release. Re-released as two single pic discs without the cover. Underground Record is often mistaken as the title as it is written on the front cover."

1982/07/03 concert bolzano, italy

frank zappa, ray white, tommy mars, chad wackerman, ed mann, bobby martin, scott thunes, steve vai

side one

  1. the mammy nuns

  2. intro's

  3. you are what you is

  4. the mudd club

  5. the meek shall inherit nothing

side two

  1. ship arriving too late to save a drowing witch incl.envelopes

  2. dancin' fool

  3. clownz on velvet

side three

  1. them or us

  2. the black page

  3. city of tiny lites

  4. a pound for a brown on the bus, incl.improvisations

side four

  1. no no cherry

  2. the man from utopia meets mary lou

  3. strictly genteel

  4. the illinois enema bandit