frank zappa


1988 2lp-bootleg ?? shogun 13040 a-d

1979/03/19 concert brest, france

frank zappa, denny walley, ike willis, tommy mars, ed mann, peter wolf, vinnie colaiuta, arthur barrow and warren cuccurullo

side one

  1. tune up
  2. outside now solo
  3. intro
  4. dead girls of london
  5. i ain't got no heart
  6. brown shoes don't make it (cut)

side two

  1. cosmik debris
  2. tryin' to grow a chin
  3. city of tiny lites
  4. dancin' fool
  5. easy meat

side three

  1. easy meat (cont.)
  2. jumbo go away
  3. andy
  4. inca roads

side four

  1. inca roads (cont.)
  2. florentine pogen
  3. honey, don't you want a man like me
  4. peaches en regalia
  5. montana (cut)
  6. improvisations