frank zappa


1982 2lp-bootleg ?? tin can records tcr2003

from "Glass Finger's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #1" (Apocalypse) / 1993 :
"1979 Australian Chronicle with Captain Beefheart on Tin Can Records TCR-2003. This Frank Zappa bootleg has a really nice sleeve with a fine colour picture of Frank - it also has labels with silver on black writing saying Kimber Records - but unfortunately the tracks mentioned on the labels bear no relation to what is on each side! All the tracks are there, I think, but in different order. I once listened to it all and made detailed notes but sadly I lost them. On the back it says P&C 1979 Tin Can Records ..., and the tracks are subdivided into 1) studio outtakes 2) media (radio) and 3) live. The live cuts are some New Jersey '75 Zappa with Peon, Alice In Blunderland and Willie The Pimp with of course Beefheart on vocals - but did Zappa perform Peon and Alice In Blunderland on the '75 tour? The studio session, L.A. 1964-77 include Leave Me Alone and Somebody's Walking (from I assume Beefheart's '66 Avalon Ballroom shows (broadcast or audience tapes) - or even perhaps these were rejected demos for the first album they were supposed to do for A&M Records), the four known Safe As Milk alternate version and Beefheart singing 200 Years Old - but the most interesting is the Trout Mask Replica outtake of Orange Claw Hammer - I think this has Frank Zappa on guitar with Don Vliet singing along and the feel of this version is totally different from the one issued."


[1]  the warner bros album
[2]  the 1971 dick cavett tv show
[3]  the "bongo fury" testpressing
[4]  the 1975 spring tour
[5]  captain beefheart & the magic band
[6]  the captain beefheart "safe as milk" outtakes

side one

  1. regyptian strut  [1]

  2. sofa  [2]

  3. the brain police  [2]

  4. orange claw hammer  [5]

side two

  1. 200 years old (unedited)  [3]

  2. willie the pimp  [4]

  3. peon  [5]

  4. alice in blunderland  [5]

side tree

  1. revised music for low budget orchestra  [1]

  2. a pound for a brown on the bus

side four

  1. somebody's walkin'  [6]

  2. untitled  [6]

  3. call on me  [6]

  4. sure 'nuff 'n yes i do  [6]

  5. yellow brick road  [6]

  6. leave me alone  [6]