frank zappa

conceptual continuity

1980 lp-bootleg ?? mud shark mz 3603

info from "The Mudshark Anthology" by R.C. / Hotwacks Quarterly n12
released july 1980 - 3200 pressed

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This lp was released in july 1980 from a pressing of 3,200 copies with deluxe bogus green labels & features the first part of the concert. it was re-released in 1981."

1976/11/19 concert detroit, michigan, usa

frank zappa, ray white, eddie jobson, patrick o'hearn, terry bozzio

side one

  1. stinkfoot, incl. poodle rap

  2. dirty love

  3. wind up working in a gas station

side two

  1. the torture never stops

  2. city of tiny lites