frank zappa

concerthouse 1967 - royal festival hall 1968

1989 lp-bootleg italy koine records k 881105

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This lp is an italian import pressed in 1989 with deluxe labels. Re-released at the same time on cd titled "Stockholm & London" (Koine CD 881105) with a different cover than the lp & two bonus tracks."

[1]  1967/09/30 concert stockholm, sweden
frank zappa, jc black, ian underwood, bunk gardner, don preston, motorhead sherwood, roy estrada, ray collins, billy mundi
[2]  1968/10/25 concert 'royal albert hall', london, uk
frank zappa, jc black, jim sherwood, ray collins, roy estrada, don preston, bunk gardner, ian underwood, arthur tripp

side one

  1. king kong, incl. it can't happen here  [1]

side two

  1. uncle meat medley  [2]