frank zappa


1986 2lp-bootleg uk space magic records ras 8611-3

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"The cover of this double set released in 1986 states its origin as england. It has deluxe red & yellow labels. It is also available on compact disc using the lp as the source so some surface noise is audible. Johnny Guitar Watson plays on 'In France'.

[1]   1981/12/11 concert santa monica, ca, usa
frank zappa, tommy mars, steve vai, ed mann, scott thunes, chad wackerman, bobby martin, ray white, lisa popeil, nicholas slonimsky
[2]   the unreleased "Crush All Boxes" album, 1980
frank zappa, ike willis, steve vai, tommy mars, vinnie colaiuta, bob harris, ray white, david logeman, peter wolf, denney walley, ed mann, warren cuccurullo
[3]   1984/07/22 concert hollywood, ca, usa
frank zappa, ray white, ike willis, nappy brock, scott thunes, chad wackerman, bobby martin, alan zavod
[4]   1979/03/31 concert münich, germany
frank zappa, ed mann, arthur barrow, vinnie colaiuta, tommy mars, peter wolf, warren cuccurullo, ike willis, denney walley, ray white
[5]   the "hunchentoot" tracks, with studio overdubs
frank zappa, george duke, nappy brock, james youman, ruth underwood, tom fowler, chester thompson, terry bozzio suzannah harris
[6]   1981/--/-- umrk
frank zappa, tommy mars, ray white, steve vai, chad wackerman, scott thunes, ed mann, bobby martin

side one

  1. teenage prostitute  [1]
  2. a pound for a brown on the bus  [1]
  3. lisa's story of her life  [1]
  4. broken hearts are for assholes  [1]

side two

  1. doreen  [2]
  2. easy meat  [2]
  3. stick it out  [3]
  4. truck driver divorce  [3]

side three

  1. the deathless horsie  [4]
  2. outside now again & again  [4]

side four

  1. flambay  [5]
  2. spider of destiny  [5]
  3. planet of my dreams  [5]
  4. time is money  [5]
  5. truck driver divorce  [6]
  6. frogs with dirty little lips  [6]
  7. in france  [6]