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frank zappa

dortmund '84

?? lp-bootleg ?? cheat & fraud records 01

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This european lp released in 1984 with blank white labels. It doesn't sound as good as the u.s. copies. The actual location is Düsseldorf as they didn't play Dortmund. This lp has been re-released under the following titles: "Spic & Span" & "Instructional Wanking".

1984/09/27 concert düsseldorf, germany

frank zappa, ray white, ike willis, scott thunes, chad wackerman, bobby martin, alan zavod

side one

  1. tune ups
  2. zoot allures
  3. intro's
  4. teenage wind
  5. truck driver divorce (cut)
  6. city of tiny lites
  7. you are what you is
  8. the evil prince

side two

  1. more trouble every day
  2. penguin in bondage
  3. the green hotel
  4. he's so gay
  5. bobby brown
  6. keep it greasey
  7. i'm the slime
  8. kreegan bandola (cut)