frank zappa

the dream machine

1987 lp-bootleg ?? juke-box records

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"The source for this 1987 release was the "In Europe" lp which was taken from the "Live In Amsterdam 1971" lp."

the album is on clear vinyl

1971/11/27 concert rotterdam, the netherlands

frank zappa, mark volman, howard kaylan, jim pons, aynsley dunbar, ian underwood and don preston

side one

  1. peaches en regalia
  2. tears began to fall
  3. she painted up her face
  4. who are the brain police

side two

  1. geef mij wat vloerbedekking onder deze vette zwevende sofa
  2. sofa #1
  3. stick it out
  4. medley