frank zappa

dupree's paradise

1979 lp-bootleg   toasted records 2s 902

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This double lp set got re-released in 1981 from the original plates with deluxe yellow labels on Toasted Records 2S902 with a color cover of the 'snakes' photo of fz."

1973/02/24 concert north carolina, usa

frank zappa, bruce fowler, tom fowler, jean-luc ponty, george duke, ian underwood, ruth underwood, ralph humphrey

side one

  1. intro's
  2. redunzl
  3. dog breath
  4. fifty-fifty

side two

  1. inca roads
  2. improvisations

side three

  1. applause
  2. montana
  3. dupree's paradise
  4. i'm the slime

side four

  1. don't you ever wash that thing
  2. applause
  3. cosmik debris