frank zappa

dweezil has messed my mind up

1985 lp-bootleg europe bizarre - rs 2806 pro

Besides the normal edition, there were also 555 copies pressed on clear vinyl.

1982/06/28 concert vienna, austria

frank zappa, ed mann, steve vai, scott thunes, bobby martin, timmy mars, chad wackerman and ray white, feat. dweezil zappa as special guest

side one

  1. strictly genteel
  2. doreen
  3. goblin girl
  4. the black page #2
  5. cocaine decisions

side two

  1. broken hearts are for assholes
  2. tinseltown rebellion
  3. cosmik debris

side three

  1. video guitar solo (w.thomas nordegg)
  2. king kong variations
  3. the drowning witch (cut)

side four

  1. bobby brown
  2. sofa
  3. stevie's spanking