frank zappa

enema improvisations - the clear vinyl version

?? lp-bootleg ?? swingin' pig records / 20 copies on clear vinyl

There are two versions of this album.
The first one is the so-called "unused version": 10 copies were made, and these were planned to be destroyed as they are in a not-so-good condition (sharp vinyl edge), but they are fully playable.
This version has an instrumental improvisation on side A.
These 10 albums did get sold, and are the last numbers of the 50 copies limited edition on black vinyl, # 41 - 50:
"enema improvisations - the unused version".

The second version is in better condition (also on thicker vinyl).
This version has the guitarpart from 'Big Swifty' on side A.
40 pieces were produced on black vinyl, # 01 - 40 :
"enema improvisations - black vinyl"
20 pieces were produced on clear vinyl, # 01 - 20:
"enema improvisations - clear vinyl"

From this second version, 5 acetates exist as well.


side one

  1. enema bandit
  2. guitar part from 'big swifty'

side two

  1. guitar improvisation


"enema improvisations" - version 2, the clear vinyl version

"enema improvisations" - the acetate for version 2