frank zappa

frank zappa's famous x-mas flower hour + ?


from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"The source for this 1983 european double lp set was the King Biscuit Flower Hour FM broadcast. There were supposedly 500 numbererd copies pressed with deluxe black & white labels & a 17" x 12" blue poster of fz playing guitar, but it was re-issued. This set is also available on colored vinyls."

1980/07/03 concert 'olympiahalle', munich, germany

frank zappa, ike willis, ray white, arthur barrow, david logeman and tommy mars

side one

  1. kbfh intro

  2. honda commercial

  3. chunga's revenge

  4. mudd club

  5. the meek shall inherit nothing

  6. joe's garage

  7. kbfj indentification spot

  8. pioneer commercial

side two

  1. cosmik debris

  2. keep it greasy

  3. pick me i'm clean

  4. illinois enema bandit

  5. miller commercial

  6. nestley's commercial

side three

  1. you didn't try to call me

  2. i ain't got no heart

  3. love of my life

  4. city of tiny lites

  5. honda commercial

  6. kbfh outro

side four

  1. radio spots: rex rasthorne reports

  2. junior mintz boogie

  3. billboard report

  4. 1971 register to vote radio spot

  5. petroleum