frank zappa

indiscreet picture show

1981 lp-bootleg europe smog distribution 62517

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This european lp of the entire soundtrack of the "a token of his extreme" tv show was released in 1981 with deluxe black labels & re-released again the same year. the u.s. version ("a toke of his extreme") uses less than 45 minutes of the show."

1974/12/-- the kcet-tv studio, los angeles, ca, usa

f.zappat.fowlerc.thompson, r.underwoodn.m.brockg.duke

side one

  1. dog breath
  2. more trouble every day
  3. montana
  4. george duke spotlight
  5. florentine pogen

side two

  1. florentine pogen (conclusion)
  2. oh no
  3. son of orange county
  4. pygmy twylyte
  5. stinkfoot
  6. inca roads