cover of the box
cover of the first album : king of prussia I
cover of the second album : king of prussia II
cover of the third album : king of prussia III
cover of the fourth album : king of prussia IV
cover of the first bonus cd
cover of the second bonus cd
cover of the booklet

frank zappa

king of prussia

2013 4lp-bootleg ?? way of wizard records / wow lp-004~7

4lp-box, with 4 seperate yellow (or green) vinyl albums, 2 cds, and a booklet

deutschlandhalle, berlin, germany, february 15, 1978
frank zappa *
terry bozzio * patrick o´hearn * adrian belew * tommy mars * peter wolf * ed mann

side one

  1. the purple lagoon

  2. dancin´ fool

  3. peaches en regalia

  4. the torture never stops (incl. rat tomago)

side two

  1. tryin´ to grow a chin

  2. city of tiny lites

  3. baby snakes

  4. a pound for a brown on the bus

side three

  1. i have been in you

  2. flakes

side four

  1. broken hearts are for assholes

  2. king kong

  3. wild love

side five 

  1. yo' mama

  2. titties & beer

  3. the black page #2

side six 

  1. jones crusher

  2. little house i used to live in (incl. sheik yerbouti tango)

side seven

  1. dong work for yuda

  2. bobby brown

  3. envelopes

  4. drum solo

  5. disco boy

side eight

  1. audience
  2. dinah moe humm (q: ave maria)
  3. camarillo brillo
  4. muffin man ~ band intro