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frank zappa

kiss my volcano

1986 lp-bootleg ?? -

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
This import (non-US) LP was released in 1986 on blue vinyl. Some sections play a little slow & the u.s. copies of the show sound better."

1984/11/23 - early show - concert 'the bismark theater', chicago, il, usa

f.zappa, r.white, i.williss.thunes, c.wackermanr.martin, a.zavod  

side one

  1. advance romance
  2. carol you fool
  3. chana
  4. let's move to cleveland

side two

  1. let's move to cleveland - concl.
  2. camarillo brillo
  3. muffin man
  4. cosmik debris
  5. dinah moe humm
  6. whipping post