frank zappa


?? 4lp-bootleg set ?? edison records srz-4-1500

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"The source for this release was one of the test pressings (300) aired on KROQ-FM by FZ. There were only 1.000 boxed sets pressed with deluxe black & white labels with song seperation & was re-released with a slightly smaller box with the same sound quality."

side one

  1. spit it out

  2. regyptian strut

  3. naval aviation in art

  4. studio bit

  5. little green rosetta

  6. duck duck goose

  7. what you gonna do when the well runs dry

  8. down in de dew

  9. for the young sophisticate

side two

  1. studio bit

  2. tryin' to grow a chin

  3. studio bit

  4. broken hearts are for assholes

  5. studio bit

  6. the illinois enema bandit

side three

  1. lemme take you to the beach

  2. revised music for guitar and low budget orchestra

  3. rdnzl

side four

  1. studio bit

  2. honey, don't you want a man like me?

  3. studio bit

  4. the black page #1

  5. big leg emma

  6. studio bit

  7. punky's whips

side five

  1. flambay

  2. studio bit

  3. the purple lagoon

side six

  1. pedro's dowry

  2. i promise not to come in your mouth

  3. smell it

  4. spider of destiny

  5. studio bit

  6. the duke of orchestral prunes

side seven

  1. filthy habits

  2. studio bit

  3. titties & beer

  4. the ocean is the ultimate solution

side eight

  1. the adventures of greggery peccary