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frank zappa

listen... and find out the secret word!!!

2008 2lp-bootleg ?? no! label 250588  -  black vinyl

[1]  1988/05/25 concert mannheim, germany

f.zappa, i.willis, m.keneally, s.thunes, c.wackerman, e.mann, r.martin, b.fowler, a.wing, w.fowler, p.carman, k.mcgettrick

side a

  1. the black page
  2. we're turning again [ycdtosa6]
  3. alien orifice [parts on majnh]
  4. when the lie's so big

side b

  1. planet of the baritone women
  2. any kind of pain
  3. jesus thinks you're a jerk
  4. dupree's paradise [parts on majnh]

side c

  1. easy meat
  2. sinister footwear [parts on majnh]
  3. city of tiny lights

side d

  1. a pound for a brown
  2. outside now