frank zappa

necessity is...

1979 lp-bootleg usa mud shark mz 3601

info from "The Mudshark Anthology" by R.C. / Hotwacks Quarterly n12
"released december 1979 - 2500 pressed"

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This LP was pressed in December 1979 & consisted of 2.500 copies. The album got re-released in 1980 and 1981. This LP was later retitled "Rustic Protrusion & had a nicer 11" x 11" slick; re-released once again in 1985 with a new cover and title: "We Are The Mothers...". In all the pressings of this LP, new plates were used each time."

from "Rollin Red's Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs - Volume #2" (Apocalypse) / 1995 :
197? single bootleg Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention on Mud Shark MZ 3601. Apparently around 250 copies were pressed orinally & again is one of the mid-'70s bootlegs often with a variety of names! (e.g."We Are The Mothers", "Rustic Protrusion" & was also part of "The History & Collected Improvisations"). It should not really be included here, but until "The Lost Episodes" was released, this was the only source of Lost In A Whirlpool (the very first recording of Don's vocal talent back in '59."

[1]  acetate of the first album of the unreleased 9-lp box "the history & collected improvisations of the moi", intended for the playboy record club
[2]  track 14 = the ned & nelda 7"

side one

  1. m.o.i. studio rap  [1]

  2. section of orange county lumber truck  [1]

  3. gas mask variations  [1]

  4. igor's boogie  [1]

side two

  1. lost in this whirlpool  [1]

  2. do it in c  [1]
  3. m.o.i. roadies' interview  [1]
  4. any way the wind blows  [1]
  5. fountain of love  [1]
  6. section of opus 5  [1]
  7. take your clothes off when you dance  [1]
  8. hey nelda  (cut)  [zappa/collins]  [2]