frank zappa

no bacon for breakfast vol.2

1985 lp-bootleg eur angry taxman records atr 2007

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"These 1985 LPs (vol.1 & 2) are available as two singles & as a double LP set. Both sets have an insert with more collage like on the front cover. The source for the [2] tracks are taken from the "history and collected improvisations" set, so there is a loss in the sound quality."

[1]  1975/04/27 concert boston, massachusetts, usa
frank zappa, captain beefheart, george duke, napoleon murphy brock, denney walley, bruce fowler, tom fowler, terry bozzio
[2]  1973/--/-- concert new jersey
frank zappa, ruth underwood, george duke, bruce fowler, tom fowler, ralph humphrey, chester thompson, napoleon murphy brock, irma coffee

side one

  1. poofter's froth, wyoming, plans ahead

  2. george duke spotlight, incl. don't you ever wash that thing

  3. advance romance

side two

  1. advance romance

  2. willie the pimp

  3. pygmy twylyte incl. dummy up

  4. dupree's paradise (cut)