frank zappa

one size fits all

2007 lp-picture disc bootleg ?? --

= a bootleg release of the 1975 album

frank zappa: guitar
george duke: keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
napoleon murphy brock: flute, tenor saxophone, vocals
chester thompson: drums
tom fowler: bass
james 'bird legs' youmans: bass
ruth underwood: vibes, marimba, percussion
johnny 'guitar' watson: vocals
bloodshot rollin' red (= captain beefheart): harmonica

side one

  1. inca roads
  2. can't afford no shoes
  3. sofa #1
  4. po-jama people

side two

  1. florentine pogen
  2. evelyn, a modified dog
  3. san ber'dino
  4. andy
  5. sofa #2