frank zappa

our man in italy

1983 cd-bootleg eur yfr01

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This 1983 european LP was released on 300 numbered blue vinyls with blank white labels. This LP was re-released in 1987 as "Sono Di Passaggio" on white vinyl."

1974/09/08 concert 'palasport', bologna, italy

frank zappa, ruth underwood, napoleon murphy brock, chester thompson, tom fowler and george duke

side one

  1. tush tush tush (a token of my extreme)

  2. stink-foot

  3. inca roads

  4. approximate

side two

  1. penguin in bondage

  2. t'mershi duween

  3. dog breath variations

  4. cosmik debris

  5. the david bowie soundcheck (ad libs)