frank zappa


  lp-bootleg ??  

info from "The Mudshark Anthology" by R.C. / Hotwacks Quarterly n12
released july 1980 - 3200 pressed

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This LP was pressed in July 1980 & consisted of 3,200 copies with deluxe bogus red & white labels. This LP was re-released in 1981 & again as an import picture disc titled "Moe's Vacation".

1978/09/21 concert 'the mid huson civic center', poughkeepsie, new york, usa

frank zappa, denny walley, ike willis, arthur barrow, tommy mars, peter wolf, ed mann, vinnie colaiuta

side one

  1. prelude to act 3  (from Wagner's "Lohengrin" opera)

  2. bobby brown

  3. conehead

  4. moe'n herb's vacation

  5. i have been in you

  6. flakes (cut)

side two

  1. little house i used to l ive in

  2. tell me you love me

  3. yo mama