frank zappa

road tapes venue #1/1

2014 lp-bootleg ?? ??

counterfeit vinyl bootleg with tracks of the "road tapes #1" album.

limited edition of 150 copies on red vinyl

produced by gail zappa
vaultmeisterment by joe travers
artwork by joseph carter

1968/08/25 concert 'kerrisdale arena', vancouver, b.c.

frank zapparoy estrada, jimmy carl black, art trippian underwood, don preston, bunk gardnerjim 'motorhead' sherwood  

side one

  1. the importance of an earnest attempt (by hand) 3:44

  2. help, i'm a rock/transylvania boogie 9:30

  3. flopsmash musics 4:50

  4. hungry freaks, daddy 3:59  

side two

  1. the orange county lumber truck 20:57

  2. the rewards of a career in music 3:29