frank zappa

roxy by proxy - volume 1

2014 lp-bootleg ?? ??

counterfeit vinyl bootleg of the "roxy by proxy" album.

limited edition of 150 copies on clear vinyl

recorded at 'the roxy', los angeles, ca, december 8-10, 1973

frank zappa: guitar, vocals
napoleon murphy brock: tenor sax, flute, vocals
george duke: keyboards, vocals
bruce fowler: trombone
ruth underwood: percussion
tom fowler: bass
ralph humphrey: drums
chester thompson: drums

recording engineer: kerry mcnab
cd & compilation produced by gail zappa & joe travers
digital re-mix by bob stone, march-april, 1987
vaultmeisterment by joe travers
mastered by john polito, january, 2011
liner notes by ruth underwood
concept & text by gail zappa
cover: sherwin tilton
archive photos by emerson-loew
layout & design by michael mesker
production management by melanie starks

produced by frank zappa

side one

  1. "carved in the rock"   3:30

  2. inca roads   8:21

  3. penguin in bondage   5:52

  4. t'mershi duween   1:55  

side two

  1. dog breath variations/uncle meat   4:13

  2. rdnzl   5:27

  3. village of the sun   3:21

  4. echidna's arf (of you)   4:00