frank zappa

safe muffinz

19?? lp-bootleg ?? takrl 1929

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
This LP was re-released with Poot Face Booogie to make a double LP set several times: "No Commercial Potential" & "Vitamin Deficiency"."

1970/08/21 concert 'santa monica civic center', santa monica, ca, usa

frank zappa, mark volman, howard kaylan, jeff simmons, aynsley dunbar, ian underwood and george duke

side one

  1. call any vegetable
  2. the air
  3. dog breath
  4. mother people
  5. you didn't try to call me
  6. would you go all the way?
  7. rudy wants to buy yez a drink

side four

  1. road ladies
  2. what will this morning bring me this evening
  3. what kind of girl do you think we are?
  4. bwana dik
  5. latex solar beef
  6. daddy, daddy, daddy [partial]
  7. do you like my new car?
  8. happy together
  9. what will this evening bring me this morning?