frank zappa

sono di passaggio

1987 lp-bootleg ?? ????

from "On Tour With The Evil Prince":
"This import LP is a re-release of "Our Man In Italy". It came out in 1987 on white vinyl. The cover is different & states that there were only 200 copies pressed."

1974/09/08 concert 'palasport', bologna, italy

frank zappa, ruth underwood, napoleon murphy brock, chester thompson, tom fowler and george duke

side one

  1. a token of my extreme

  2. introduction

  3. stink-foot

  4. inca roads

  5. approximate

side two

  1. penguin in bondage

  2. t'mershi duween

  3. dog breath variations

  4. cosmik debris

  5. is there life after uncle meat?