frank zappa

the black page

1984 2lp-bootleg europe fz 0277

1977/02/05 concert amsterdam, the netherlands

frank zappa, terry bozzio, ed mann, ray white, patrick o'hearn

side one

  1. the purple lagoon

  2. peaches en regalia

  3. the torture never stops

  4. big leg emma

side two

  1. city of tiny lites

  2. a pound for a brown on the bus

  3. jones crusher

side three

  1. jones crusher (cntd)

  2. my guitar

  3. tryin' to grow a chin

  4. broken hearts are for assholes, incl.dong work for yuda

side four

  1. the black page #1

  2. titties & beer

  3. black napkins