frank zappa / various artists

vpro picnic  

1971 lp-bootleg nl bm 1020

vpro picnic (also known as wino man and schischgebab)
the cover of the first pressing was a blank white sleeve consisting of two pieces of cardboard folded into a hexagon and rivited together. reissus were available in regular square covers.

[1]  concert uddel, nl

side one - frank zappa / the mothers of invention  [1]

  1. wino man (wonderful wino)

  2. other people (mother people)

  3. call any vegetable

  4. king kong

side two - various artists

  1. future blues (canned heat)

  2. shake (steve miller)

  3. high flying bird (ritchie havens)

  4. rambling gambling willie (bob dylan)

  5. i'll be your baby tonight (bob dylan).