music by other artists, played by frank zappa

the pop tunes

composition original recording artist
'bacon fat' andre williams
'bonanza theme' lorne green
'directly from my heart' little richard
'happy together' the turtles
' here lies my love' the undertaker
'i am the walrus' the beatles
'i left my heart in san francisco' tony bennett
'johnny darling' the feathers
'little girl of mine' the cleftones
'louie louie' richard berry & the pharaohs
'lucy in the sky with diamonds' the beatles
'mary lou' ronnie hawkins
'night owl' tony allen
'norwegian wood' the beatles
'purple haze' jimi hendrix
'pushin' too hard' the seeds
'ride like the wind' christopher cross
'ring of fire' johnny cash
'stranded in the jungle' the jayhawks
'sunhsine of your love' the cream
'the closer you are' the channels
'the godfather theme' percy faith
'the man from utopia' donald woods
'this is my story' gene and eunice
'valarie' jackie and the starlites
' wplj' the four deuces
'whipping post' greg allman

the classical tunes

composition composer
'bolero' ravel