the mothers of invention

we're only in it for the money (3)

1967 lp usa verve v 5045
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basic sessions: mayfair studios, nyc
august-september, 1967  -  engineer: gary kellgren

final recordings & re-mix: apostolic studios, nyc
october, 1967  -  engineer: dick kunc

orchestral segments: capitol studios, hollywood
february, 1967

released february 1968

lyrics & extra info:'re_Only_In_It_For_The_Money.html

    frank zappa: guitar, piano, lead vocals, weirdness & editing
    ian underwood: piano, woodwinds, wholesome
    don preston: keyboards
    motorhead sherwood: road manager, soprano & baritone saxophone, all purpose weirdness & teen appeal
    bunk gardner: all woodwinds, mumbled weirdness
    roy estrada: electric bass, vocals, asthma
    billy mundi: drums, vocal, yak & black lace underwear
    jimmy carl black: indian of the group, drums, trumpet, vocals
    pamela zarubica aka suzy creamcheese telephone
    dick barber: snorks
    gary kellgren: creepy whispering
dick kunc: cheerful interruptions
    eric clapton:
has graciously consented to speak to you in several critical area
    james 'spider' barbour
is the one who wants you to turn your radio around
    ronnie williams: backwards voice
    vickie: telephone

    arthur barrow: 1984 mix new bass tracks
    chad wackerman: 1984 mix new drum tracks

all compositions by frank zappa except where noted

produced by frank zappa for bizarre productions

executive producer: tom wilson
photography: jerrold schatzberg
fashions: tiger morse
plaster figures & all other artwork: cal schenkel

orchestral segments conducted by sid sharp

  1. are you hung up?
  2. who needs the peace corps?
  3. concentration moon
  4. mom & dad
  5. telephone conversation
  6. bow tie daddy
  7. harry, you're a beast
  8. what's the ugliest part of your body?
  9. absolutely free
  10. flower punk
  11. hot poop
  12. nasal retentive calliope music
  13. let's make the water turn black
  14. the idiot bastard son
  15. lonely little girl
  16. take your clothes off when you dance
  17. what's the ugliest part of your body? (reprise)
  18. mother people
  19. the chrome plated megaphone of destiny