los angeles philharmonic

frank zappa - 200 motels the suites

2015 2cd usa zappa records zr0019

recorded in concert at the 'walt disney concert hall', los angeles, ca, usa on october 23, 2013

200 motels scores & parts by frank zappa

esa-pekka salonen: conductor
los angeles philharmonic
los angeles master chorale

jeff taylor: larry the dwarf
michael des barres: rance
matt marks: mark
zach villa: howard
rich fulcher: lonesome cowboy burt
hila plitmann: sporano solo
morris robinson: bass solo
joel david moore: frank
joe fria: jeff
ann cusack: donovan / good conscience
alan ruck: ginger / bad conscience
diva zappa: janet
sheila vand: lucy

ian underwood: keyboard 1 / electric alto sax
randy kerber: keyboard 2 / hammond organ
joe travers: drum set
scott carter thunes: electric bass
jamie kime: electric guitar

mastering by bob ludwig
kurt morgan
: scoremeister
liner notes by frank filipetti, gail zappa, scott thunes, steve vai, james darrah, joe travers, michael des barres, diva zappa, peter asher,esa-pekka salonen and bob ludwig
kurt morgan

produced by frank filipetti & gail zappa

disc one

  1. overture
  2. went on the road
  3. centerville
  4. this town is a sealed tuna sandwich
  5. the restaurant scene
  6. touring can make you crazy
  7. what's the name of your group?
  8. can i help you with this dummy?
  9. the pleated gazelle

disc two

  1. i'm stealing the room
  2. shove it right in
  3. penis dimension
  4. finale: strictly genteel