Barcelona band Za! performed twice at the Zappanale festival, august 2010.

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The pictures were taken by JVC at one of the band's Zappanale concerts.


  za!: eki eki eki kazaam!
    (2006, cd, spain, practico)
  za!: macumba o muerte
    (2009, cd, eu, acuarela / gandula)



random notes

2010 07 - a little interview

Spanish band ZA! is scheduled to perform at Zappanale.

UniMuta : Can you tell me a bit about ZA! ? How long has the band been around?

ZA! : Za! is a band composed by two people and more than two instruments (trumpet, drums, guitar, kalimba, keyboards, etc). It was formed in 2003 and since then we've released two albums, Eki eki eki Kazaam! (2006, Practico!) and Macumba o Muerte (2009, Acuarela/Gandula in Europea and Asia, Darla in USA).

UniMuta : Your music is very energetic. Who are your musical influences? What music do you listen to?

ZA! : We listen to anything that gives us something, from Rage Against The Machine to Cecil Taylor, passing through Sonic Youth, Vinicius de Moraes, Ali Farka Toure, Balinese Gamelan, Kongar Ol-Ondar, At the drive-in, The Flying Luttenbachers, Fugazi or Coltrane.

UniMuta : Are you familiar with the Zappanale festival or with the music of Frank Zappa?

ZA! : We love Zappa, but we've never been to Zappanale, We're really looking forward to it!!

UniMuta : You will be perfoming twice. What should we expect?

ZA! : One is at night, the other is shorter and in the afternoon, so we'll do two completely different shows. We have a lot of new songs and ideas that we normally don't have time to play in just one show, so the proposal of playing twice is perfect for us.

UniMuta : Playing at midnight or playing in the afternoon. What do you prefer?

ZA! : The concert at midnight will be more similar to one of our regular shows (which is difficult to tell, as a high percentage is improvisation so everything depends on the stage, the audience, the interstellar alignement, etc), and we want the afternoon show to be something surprising even for us! We'll see what happens...

UniMuta : Thanks for your time. I'm looking forward to your concerts.

ZA! will be performing at the truckstage at midnight on Friday the 13th, and in the afternoon on Saturday the 14th. If you're into experimental music, you don't want to miss this.








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