Spanish Zappa tribute band Zappacadabra is a project by multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer Oscar Cuenca.
Oscar has also worked with Caballero Reynaldo & The Grand Kazoo band.


The band did a concert in Madrid on April 20, 2018.

Zappacadabra - Live - Sala Tarambana- Madrid - 20/04/2018 ( Video by Al Fresco) 

Set List: 

Easy Meat 
Bamboozled By Love 
Cosmik Debris 
Uncle Remus 
Mr. Green Genes 
I´m The Slime 
Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel 
The Torture Never Stops 
San Ber´dino 
Dirty Love 
More Trouble Every Day 
Tell Me You Love Me 
City Of Tiny Lights 


Oscar Cuenca: Keyboards & voices 
Oscar del Ramo: Drums 
Adrian Gonzalez: Vocals 
Gorka Menchaca: Bass & voices 
Davo Garcia: Guitar & voices 
Marina QuileZ: Vibraphone & percussion 
Jesus Tenorio: Alto sax & percussion 
Jose Luis Magro: Tenor sax & flute 
Angel Rodriguez: Baritone sax 
Ansar Zhamlijanov: Trumpet 


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