portugese extraction
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2003 cd portugal private release

recorded, mixed and mastered in lisbon, portugal
january - july 2003

  eduardo cunha: guitars and lead vocals
  rui sousa: bass and vocals (lead on track 8)
  diogo sotto-mayor: keyboards and vocals
  jo„o lužs lobo: drums, percussion and vocals (devil on track 13)
  bŗrbara lagido (vocals on track 7)

produced by zappanoia

  1. bobby brown goes down
  2. cosmik debris
  3. i have been in you
  4. my guitar wants to kill your mama
  5. more trouble every day
  6. hot plate heaven at the green hotel
  7. uncle remus
  8. village of the sun
  9. dirty love
  10. zoot allures
  11. love of my life
  12. peaches en regalia
  13. titties & beer