zappa sings zappa

from the myspace entry:

"Candy Zappa, Ed Palermo, Nigey Lennon, and John Tabacco have again joined forces to present ZAPPA SINGS ZAPPA, a two-hour concert experience featuring Candy's spine-tingling vocal renditions of her brother's songs, along with original compositions in the Zappa spirit, composed by Nigey Lennon and John Tabacco. As always, Ed Palermo's arrangements are superbly performed by his hand-picked band. The rich program includes many of Ed's most popular FZ reworkings, as well as some world premieres. Nigey Lennon is featured on guitar and vocals, and John Tabacco continues in his role as the Palermo band's 'swell vocalist' -- a position he has occupied since 2002.

There's something to be said for family ties. Candy Zappa has been living and breathing her brother Frank's music for decades, and her white-hot vocals sometimes uncannily echo FZ's equally fiery guitar performances. And there's no doubt in her mind that her brother would have approved of ZAPPA SINGS ZAPPA. "Performing with Ed and his band is like being in a dream," she says. "Whenever I sing with them, I can see Frank right down front, beating his knee and grinning up at me."


from: Nigey Lennon
2006 07 03

Hello fans, fiends and friends --

ZAPPA SINGS ZAPPA now has its (their?) own little cubicle on MySpace Music, thanks to another great Belgian, Gina Vodegel! Please feel free to visit, add comments, or even list yourself as a friend of the group, should you feel so inclined. Watch the "Events" category for news on upcoming performances...there may even be a blog, when there's something noteworthy to report.

See you there!


The ZAPPA SINGS ZAPPA East Coast Sub-Assistant Promotion Team


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