zappatronix  /  marco cortesi & hilaria kramer

Marco Cortesi and Hilaria Kramer are the driving forces behind Zappatronix.

Zappatronix got invited to the 17th edition of the Zappanale festival. Unfortunately, they had to cancel.

Zappatronix, live in Lagos, Portugal

Zappatronix, live in Lagos, Portugal  -  Hilaria Kramer: trumpet

Zappatronix, live in Lagos, Portugal  -  Hilaria Kramer: vocals, and Marco Cortesi: guitar



  zappatronix: live in lagos, portugal
    (2006, mpeg4-movie / promo, switzerland, private release) - 'zomby woof' /'willie the pimp'  (frank zappa)



Zappatronix: Switzerland (march 2005) and Portugal (august 2005).

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from the website:

Marco Cortesi

Marco Cortesi was born in 1962 in Locarno, Switzerland. He starts to approach music seriously toward the age of 20, after graduation in high school. Marco attends several Italian summer camps with Joe di Jorio, Jim Hall, Mick Goodrick and other well-known artists. From 1985 to 1991 he enrolls at the Swiss Jazz School Bern, where he has the opportunity to study and play with Frank Sikora, Rachel Gould, Woody Shaw, Sal Nistico and others.

After graduation at SJS (in '91), he starts a musical and artistical relationship with american and european musicians and starts work on a regular basis with Gene Calderazzo in a trio that features special guests such as Franco Ambrosetti, Walt Szymansky, Jon Davis, Mark Abrams, Dario Deidda, Jeff Gardner, Rick Margitza, Giorgio di Tullio, Alberto Bonacasa and many others.

With these projects (with different line-ups: from the trio to the quintet) he performs at numerous Swiss and Italian festivals and in clubs in both countries, such as Blues To Bop Festival, Estival Jazz Lugano, Swiss Diagonales, Brissago Jazz Evenings, Jazztage Dübendorf, Jazz Festival Willisau, Montreux Jazz Festival, Festival für Alte Music, Zürich, etc.

In 1997 he's called to London for a tour with the Gene Calderazzo Quartet. That same year the Swiss label Altri Suoni releases his first CD "Triblu". In 1999 he works with the N.Y pianist Jeff Gardner, for a successful tour and a fruitful recording session. During the fall of 2000 and the spring of 2001 (on a sponsorship by Swisscom) he's on tour with prestigious tenor sax player Rick Margitza (ex Miles Davis Band). His second CD "Why Not", with Rick Margitza as guest player, is released in late November 2000 by Altri Suoni. In 2002 he's called in Napoli for a serie of concerts and plays at Estival Jazz (Lugano) as special guest in Franco Ambrosetti's project"Grazie Italia".

2003/4: Together with the trumpet player Hilaria Kramer he puts up various projects in the field of electronic music, such as "Jazzotronix" and "Zappatronix", a tribute to Frank Zappa that involves music and videoart.

In that same period of time he starts a collaboration with the prestigious lute player Luca Pianca in a crossover project between baroc music and jazz.

With the composer and viola player Walter Fähndrich he's working on improvised music in the classic contemporary field.

His third CD "Falzer" is released march 2006 by Membranerecords.

2005: Zappatronix is performed successfully around Switzerland and Portugal with a 14 gigs tour.

2007 : July-Zappatronix is invited to Zappanale 17th ed. In Rostock(D) and in Berlin for the opening ceremony of the Frank Zappa Strasse.

Marco Cortesi is the author of all the music played by his group, all the tracks featured in his CDs, and the movie soundtracks he has performed. He also writes music for jingles, radio tunes, and electronic compositions for professional use in the media business.

He's official endorser of Rash guitars and Schertler sound equipment. 


  marco cortesi: triblu
    (1997, cd, switzerland, altri suoni)
  marco cortesi: why not
    (2000, cd, switzerland, altri suoni)
  marco cortesi: falzer
    (2006, cd, ??, membranerecords)

 hilaria kramer

Hilaria Kramer , born in Switzerland on June 1, 1967.

1983 - Conservatory of Jazz in St.Gallen (CH), under the direction of Benny Bailey and Art Lande.

1985 - Member of Claudio Fasoli's Quintet. Many concerts all over the countries of Europe with musicians like Steve Lacy, Enrico Rava, Chet Baker, Sal Nistico, Pietro Tonolo, Art Lande etc.

1988 - Jazzfestival Roccella Ionica with Gianluigi Trovesi and Paolo Damiani and its following tour.

1989 - Vienna Art Special FE & MALES, directed by Matthias Rüegg.

1990 - Member of the EBU-Big Band in St.Gerold (Austria), selected for Switzerland by the Swiss national broadcast.

1991 - Different Radio and Tv shows in Italy, concerts and projects with Luca Flores, Marylin Mazur, Bert Boeren, Peter Guidi, David Murray etc.

1994 - Birth of her daughter Nina.

1995, 96 - Different concerts and projects in Italy and Switzerland; Hilaria Kramer presents her new band CYBER SOUL, on which she's actually working.

1998 - CH-New Jazz Festival sponsored by MIGROS. Videoclip for Meiliwerbung ASW in Switzerland for Olma St.Gallen. Many gigs in Italy with her different groups.

1999 - Thurgovian All Stars with Roman Schwaller.Bember of" The Mario Raja Big Bang "as a trumpetplayer and substituting the singer.

2000 - Recording with the M.Raja Big Bang: "A tribute to Herbie Nichols" (prev. Gen. 2001 for Egea Rec), Recording for EGEA rec. Amori imperfetti.

2001 Umbria jazz;Vicenza jazzfest; etc

2003-2005 Touring with Zappatronix and different other Projects .


  1987 Claudio Fasoli - For Once - Splasc(h) Records
  1988 Gianantonio De Vincenzo - Soft Landing - Splasc(h) Records
  1988 Anna Sini Group - When Sunny gets blue - LMJ Records
  1989 Hilaria Kramer Quartet - Unit Records1989 Hilaria Kramer 6 - Trigon - Splasc(h) Records
  1990 Lukas Kramer - Songs of maybe - UBU Records1993 Luca Alex Flores - Love for sale - Splasc(h) Records
  1998 Christina Mazza - 360° Circular - DDQ 2001    Mario Raja- Amori imperfetti _ EGEA 
  2002 Hilaria Kramer -Groove to madness- VITAMINIC
  2002 Tribute to Herbie Nichols Mario Raja Big Bang Egea 
  2005 Falzer Marco Cortesi Band Membrane Rec. 
  2006   Costalta Silvano Borzacchiello Quintet AltriSuoni 



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