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The Astronotes are a 10 piece band lead by trombone player Joost Buis. The band has been together since the late nineties. Influences are the smaller groups of Duke Ellington, and notably Sun Ra's Arkestra.



The picture at the right shows Joost Buis (trombone), Arjen Groter (double bass) and Corrie van Binsbergen (guitar) during the 3 Dubbel Dutch concert at the Plusetage in Baarle Nassau on 2009 02 07.





  toon tellegen: de trein naar pavlovsk en oostervoorne
    (2004, cd, nl, rubinstein) - feat. corrie van binsbergen, joost buis

  joost buis: astronotes
    (2006, cd, nl, datarecords)


toon tellegen en het wisselend toonkwintet: dierenverhalen
    (2007, cd, nl, rubinstein) - feat. corrie van binsbergen, joost buis

  spinifex orchestra: trioda
    (2008, cd, nl, klr 017) - feat. joost buis
spinifex_triodia.jpg (32481 bytes)
  joost buis & astronotes: zoomin
    (2010, cd, nl, datarecords)

astronotes_zoomin.jpg (33755 bytes)

  toon tellegen & het wisselend toonkwintet: het geluk van de sprinkhaan
    (2013, cd, nl, rubinstein) - feat. corrie van binsbergen, joost buis

toontellegen_hetgeluk.jpg (40719 bytes)

  van binsbergen playstation: live
    (2015, cd, nl, brokkenrecords / challenge records international) - feat. joost buis

vanbinsbergenplaystation_live.jpg (16172 bytes)

  spinifex: 2005 - 2015
    (2016, 5cd, nl, trytone tt559-063) = compilation + 1 bonus album  //  feat. bart maris, joost buis
spinifex_2005_2015.jpg (12831 bytes)
  toon tellegen en het wisselend toonkwintet: ik wou
    (2020, cd, nl, brokkenrecords) - feat. corrie van binsbergen
  duo baars - buis: moods for roswell
    (2020, cd, nl, wig)


May 30, 2008, BBC Radio 3 did a broadcast of the "Jazz On 3" series featuring the Trio Braam / DeJoode / Vatcher, and The Astronotes.

  1. radio intro

    Trio Braam / DeJoode / Vatcher
  2. Age Conns Things > Hotch As Ginseng > Change Sight San
  3. announcer

  4. Zoomin
  5. Brivabroebilari
  6. Zest for a Zizz
  7. Basil Outside
  8. radio outro

The Astronotes pieces were recorded in concert at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, NL, on the 11th of April, 2008.


  • 2011/12/30 concert "Uiteinden" festival", 'Grand Theatre', Groningen, NL
    • Lunapark
    • Astronotes
    • The Wrong Object


  • 2012/11/25 concert "Brokkenmiddag", Zaal 100, Amsterdam, NL
    • De Brokkenfabriek plays Sun Ra
    • Cosmonotes




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