the basooties

Frank Zappa's 'You Didn't Try To Call Me" was recorded by the Basooties (from East Gary Indiana) at Chess Studios Chicago in 1967.

The track got released on 7". It also appears on a couple of compilation albums.

picture on the right from William Jenkins

From William Jenkins:

"The label name was Muffin. "You didn't try to call me" was recorded at chess studios chicago in 1967. Stu Black was the engineer. He had done the stones at the same studio. I think that the label was owned by the band and our manager (Tom Allison of valparaiso Indiana).  We distributed the singles ourselves and after the first pressing we were never picked up on WLS chicago or other larger stations. We performed a lot of  Zappa live starting with the freakout album in I think 1966 or 67. We released  "you didn't try to call me" as a "B" side of a 7", with a song written by Curtis Mayfield called "I'm so proud" as the "a" side. Our manager thought it was a little too risky as an "A" side at the time. We were #1 on am WLTH in Gary Indiana and on a few other local stations for 5 or so weeks. Strange enough is we later in 1969 signed with Bizarre Reprise label. This label was owned or controlled by Frank Zappa. Captain beefheart was also on this label I think. We recorded out of G.M. studios in Detroit and we were resigned for a second year. The reason we picked a Zappa tune is we simply loved Zappa. The band never completed a full releasable album.  The photo shows left side going up stairs Danny Evanoff, Jerry Carden, and Jerry Wheat (top). Will Jenkins (me)sitting, Dennis Malonee front right and Terry Handley above right. Thanks for your interest. I still perform and record around the Atlanta ga, area. Hope you can use the photo."

-- Will Jenkins 

P.S. Yes I Was the lead guitar player and was 16 years old in the 1967 photo.



  the basooties: i'm so proud / you didn't try to call me
    (1967, 7", usa, muffin) - incl.'you didn't try to call me' (frank zappa)
basooties_imsoproud.jpg (19989 bytes)
  various artists: the garage zone - vol. 4
    (19??, lp, usa, moxie mlp 21) – incl. basooties: ‘you didn't try to call me’ (frank zappa)
  various artists: ya gotta have moxie, volume one
    (1998, 2cd, usa, aip cd 1059) - incl. the basooties: 'you didn't try to call me' (frank zappa)
various artists: psychedelic states * indiana - vol.1
    (2006, cd, usa, gear fab gr-220) - incl. the basooties: 'you didn't try to call me' (frank zappa)

psychedelicstates_indiana01.jpg (47630 bytes)




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