various artists

psychedelic states * indiana - vol.1
    - incl. the basooties: 'you didn't try to call me' (frank zappa)

2006 cd usa gear fab records gr-220


  1. the endd: gonna send you back to your mother
  2. the mourning missed: i'm not your brother
  3. sanz, incorporated: i just want you
  4. the tikis: show your love
  5. the chosen few: it just don't rhyme
  6. the wild ones: tale of a city
  7. the esquires: run baby
  8. the chevelles: just once in my life
  9. the pickwick papers: you're so square
  10. sire charles & the days of olde: baby come back
  11. nooney rickett: bye bye baby
  12. the xl's: second choice
  13. the basooties: you didn't try to call me  (frank zappa)
  14. chris allen & the good timers: my imagination
  15. dawn 5: a necessary evil
  16. the serfmen: cry
  17. the surf sons: i can't stop it now
  18. the rogues: i'm not that way at all
  19. the mourning missed: burn up
  20. sanz, incorporated: i'm ganna leave you
  21. blues, inc: get off my back
  22. lord & the flies: you made a fool of me
  23. the jades: come back
  24. the chosen few: foolin' around with me
  25. the endd: don't it make you feel like cryin'?
  26. the poor boys: think of livin'
  27. the country blues: all about life
  28. the black & blues: come to me